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The Science Behind the Simulation

LapSim has established a new standard for simulated laparoscopic OR training as the most evaluated and clinically validated virtual reality-based system on the market. Through independent, randomized studies based on sound scientific principles, training with LapSim has proven to directly impact performance in the OR. All leading to better patient outcomes.

From customization and graphics to skills transference and validation, no other training simulator comes close.

For a summary of the clinical validation studies completed to date and their results, download our Validation Studies review. LapSim Validation Studies

Individualized Deliberate Practice on VR Simulator Improves Technical Performance of Surgical Novices in OR

Training on VR simulators has been shown to improve technical performance in the operating room (OR). Currently described virtual reality (VR) curricula consist of trainees practicing the same tasks until expert proficiency is reached. It has yet to be investigated whether the individualized deliberate practice, where curricula tasks vary depending on prior levels of technical […]

Instructor Feedback Versus No Instructor Feedback on Performance in a Laparoscopic VR Simulator: A Randomized Trial

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the impact of instructor feedback versus no instructor feedback when training a complex operational task on a laparoscopic VR simulator. RESULTS: Time (in minutes) and repetitions were reduced in the intervention group (162 vs 342 minutes; P < 0.005) and (29 vs 65 repetitions; P < 0.005). The control group achieved a higher […]

Surgical Skills Simulation A Shift in the Conversation

An editorial article on simulation-based laparoscopic training, has been released by Annals of Surgery. From the article: With the publication of the article “State of the Evidence on Simulation-Based Training for Laparoscopic Surgery: A Systematic Review,” Zendejas et al have allowed the conversation regarding the skills laboratory and laparoscopic skill acquisition to shift from a […]

Proficiency-based Virtual Reality Training Shown to Increase Technical Performance in the OR

A study featuring LapSim has shown proficiency-based VR training increases technical performance in the OR, has been released by Annals of Surgery. OBJECTIVE: To develop and validate an ex vivo comprehensive curriculum for a basic laparoscopic procedure. RESULTS: Residents in the STAC group outperformed residents in the conventional group in the first (P = 0.004), […]


Warm-up in a Virtual Reality Environment Improves Performance in the Operating Room.

A study featuring LapSim has shown VR training improves OR performance, has been released by Annals of Surgery. OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of warm-up on laparoscopic performance in the operating room (OR). Background: Implementation of simulation-based training into clinical practice remains limited despite evidence to show that the improvement in skills is transferred to […]

Study in Annals of Surgery: LapSim® proven to be more efficient than OR training

A study comparing the effectiveness and cost of training curricula for laparoscopic suturing, featuring LapSim, has been released by Annals of Surgery. A randomized trial of 24 surgical residents were allocated to train using LapSim virtual reality (VR) simulator or a box trainer. These students’ performance was then compared to the performance of conventionally trained […]

Study in Annals of Surgery: Validated Comprehensive Curriculum for Colorectal Surgery

A study focused on developing and validating laparoscopic training curricula for colorectal surgery, featuring LapSim, has been released by Annals of Surgery. This study allocated 25 surgical residents to receive either conventional residency training or a comprehensive training curriculum for laparoscopic colorectal surgery. All participants performed a laparoscopic right colectomy, which was video recorded and assessed […]