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At IMSH 2017 in Orlando, Florida, Surgical Science will launch the next generation of LapSim® Gynecology and Appendectomy. As both Appendectomy and Gynecology for LapSim® are of the oldest and most popular modules, it was about time that both got a complete remodeling during 2016. They have both been lifted to our latest technology platform together with a new and fresh visual look.

The Appendectomy module includes now a retro-caecal anatomy case. We have also added a free-hand mode, where you choose yourself during the procedure, which approach you would like to apply when cutting the appendix. This feature is designed especially with TeamSim® in mind, to enhance the experience.

In the Gynecology procedure, the biggest improvement is the new anatomy of the module. We have been working very hard to amend the tactile feedback of the different moments together with the feeling of the tissue handling. There has been a massive improvement in the texture of the tissue, how an incision of the surface or coagulating the tissues feels.

Both new versions will be available at the end of March 2017 and will be distributed along with the major LapSim® 2017 release.

IMSH2017 booth #909

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