Surgical Skills Simulation A Shift in the Conversation

An editorial article on simulation-based laparoscopic training, has been released by Annals of Surgery.

From the article:

With the publication of the article “State of the Evidence on Simulation-Based Training for Laparoscopic Surgery: A Systematic Review,” Zendejas et al have allowed the conversation regarding the skills laboratory and laparoscopic skill acquisition to shift from a discussion of “Is it effective?” to a discussion of “How can it be most effective?” Importantly, this shift in the conversation allows a vigorous focus on critical issues such as the timing to initiate simulation, how best to coordinate the skills laboratory with clinical experience, what type of simulators should be purchased, how to use the skills laboratory to assess proficiency, and how to avoid deterioration of laparoscopic skills. Before these questions are answered, it is necessary to understand why simulation-based training in laparoscopic surgery was inevitable.

To learn more about the editorial, click here.

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