EndoSim – Putting Vision into Practice.

Using advanced modeling technology, lifelike anatomic detail and realistic touch feedback, physicians can now experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence and proficiency. EndoSim, a cutting edge flexible endoscopic simulator from Surgical Science, delivers medical simulation training with unequaled graphics, usability and haptics (tactile feedback).


  • True-to-life physiological responses and tool behavior
  • The only available detachable desktop haptic unit for enhanced portability and usability
  • Comprehensive training package, including administrator-friendly course planning features
  • Customizable skill training and case scenarios
  • Extensive performance metrics


 The EndoSim System

The complete EndoSim system includes a haptic hardware platform, with force feedback on insertion and rotation; a unique detachable desktop haptic unit; two scopes (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), with full insertion length tubes; Fundamental Endoscopy Skills 1 & 2, and Therapeutic Skills software modules; all necessary computer and monitor hardware; and a height adjustable rolling SimFrame.

EndoSim Core Software Modules:

Additional EndoSim Software Modules Available: