LapSim Haptic System

The Next Generation of Tactile Feedback

All-New Enhanced Haptics for Surgical Education

  • Advanced force feedback technology combines with LapSim’s powerful graphics and cognitive instruction for an immersive, multi-sensory training experience
  • Fully integrated hardware provides a seamless, intuitive user experience
  • Compact design and improved ergonomics support advanced training with minimal fatigue

Innovative technology. Evolved.

LapSim was a pioneer when it was released in 2001. And it still is today. That’s because Surgical Science is committed to constant innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in simulated surgical education.

The LapSim System includes a Haptic hardware platform with LapCam, a separate laparoscope; Basic Skills, Task Training and Camera Anatomy Training software modules; all necessary computer and monitor hardware; and a height adjustable rolling SimFrame to house the system.

LapSim Core Software Modules:

Additional LapSim Software Modules available:


Languages: LapSim is translated into 7 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
Core Package: Basic Skills, Task Training and Camera Anatomy Training contain core skills training modules suitable for beginners in laparoscopic surgery.