LapSim Training Courses

With cutting-edge simulations and built-in complications based on actual surgery data, LapSim’s comprehensive library of pre-built modules provides extensive training from the very beginning. The courses below may be downloaded and applied as-is, modified to instructor-determined objectives or simply used as a guide for complete course customization.

Below, you’ll find a selection of downloadable courses ranging from foundational skills simulations to advanced procedural modules. For a complete listing of courses and detailed descriptions, please visit course descriptions Course Description. For detailed instructions on how to import these courses into LapSim:

  • Log in to your LapSim
  • Press the Import button, a file dialog will appear
  • Browse to where you have saved your courses, select the file and press Open.
  • After LapSim has loaded the file you should see a dialog box. Press Yes to import the data into the system. Press OK to confirm the import.

Certification according to CLK standards

The settings in LapSim used in CLK (Certification of Laparoscopic Surgeons) courses may also be found within the course downloads. For more information about CLK requirements, please review the Certification According to CLK Standards  Read more about the CLK requirements.

CLK Courses

Camera Anatomy Training Exercises
Camera Training 5 Steps Course
Camera Anatomy Training Course – Beginner
Camera Anatomy Training Course – Intermediate

Basic Skills Training Courses
Basic Skills Course 1 – SSBS01
Basic Skills Course 2 – SSBS02
Basic Skills Course 3 – SSBS03
Basic Skills Course 4 – SSBS04
Basic Skills Course 5 – SSBS05
Basic Skills Course 6 – SSBS06
Basic Skills Course 7 – SSBS07

Appendectomy Training Courses
SSAP01 – Warm Up Tasks + Appendectomy
SSAP02 – Appendectomy Procedureal Training

Cholecystectomy Training Courses
SSCH01 – Warm Up Basic Skills + Cholecystectomy Procedural Training
SSCH02 – Warm Up Basic Skills + Cognitive Training + Procedural Training
SSCH03 – Integrated Basic Skills, Cognitive Training + Procedural Training

GYN Training Courses
SSGY01 – Warm Up Basic Skills + Procedural Training for Tubals, Salpingectomy & Salpingiostomy
SSHYST01 – Integrated Cognitive Trainer + LapHysterectomy Procedural Training

Urology Training Courses
Urology Preperation Course – Warm Up Basic Skills for Urology

Team Training Courses
Team Training – Basic Skills
Team Training – Appendectomy
Team Training – Cholecystectomy
Team Training – GYN

Validated Courses – Surgery & GYN