Company Management

Tomas Ragnarsson

Managing Director

Appointed Managing Director in 2011, Tomas has held key leadership positions in the Sales, Marketing and Business Development groups since joining Surgical Science in 2002. His extensive knowledge of the simulation and medical communities was built over more than 20 years in the life science industry, most recently with Astra, Merck & Co and Bayer.


Anders Larsson

Chief Technology Officer

One of the co-founders of Surgical Science, Anders Larsson is a pioneer in the medical training simulation industry. Beginning in 1997 with his simulated laparoscopic suturing tasks, continuing with the 2000 launch of LapSim and throughout the development of Surgical Science, Anders has been a catalyst for continued innovation in medical simulation throughout his career. In his current role as CTO, Anders leads the Surgical Science research and development team.

Tony Rubin

Vice President, Americas

Building on nearly 15 years of medical sales and marketing industry experience, Tony joined Surgical Science in 2008 from Mentice, Inc., where he played a key role in developing the endovascular simulation educational marketplace in the Americas. Prior to Mentice, Tony helped drive sales and marketing excellence for several global medtech leaders, including Medtronic, Inc.; Merck & Co.; and Valeant Pharmaceuticals.